The production of our olive oil begins with the attention and the measures we take in caring for our trees. We use a combination of various olives to make our extra-virgin olive oil (Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino). We harvest our olives in mid-October, when they are picked and put in to plastic containers. To avoid oxidation and to keep the olives from fermenting, the olives picked during the day are promptly taken to the mill the very same evening. They are pressed and crushed in the mill to extract the oil from the fruit, using a process known as cold-pressed.

This method indicates that no heat or chemical additives were used to extract the oil from the olives, which can alter and destroy its flavour and aromas. The oil is stored in the cool, dry and dark stockrooms on the premises of “la Torre”. It is conserved in big stainless steel tanks, sealed hermetically under a nitrogen atmosphere; this inert gas protects the oil from air contact and other contaminants. The oil is bottled only when it is due to be sold, in order to preserve its organoleptic properties and to ensure our customers a fresh high quality product.